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Experience the difference of in-stock flooring

Floor-Mart is a carpet mill outlet, and so much more. At our flooring store in Cape Coral, FL you’ll find a large selection of carpet, as well as vinyl (both sheet and luxury), laminate, hardwood, and tile. We hope to see you soon to see how we stand out from all the others in product, price, and service.

Why is in-stock flooring important?

What many don’t understand is that flooring often needs to be ordered. That means you are also dependent on other peoples' schedules when it comes to delivery and installation. You might have to take time off from work, plan to store furniture, and even schedule certain at-home events, such as dinner parties and family gatherings, around the installation. All the while, anticipating that every part of the process runs smoothly and on time.

Moreover, there are also many reasons why you’d need a new floor immediately, such as if you experience a sudden appliance flood or fast-moving storm. Sometimes a renovation goes faster than initially anticipated, necessitating an earlier needed flooring installation; on the other hand, you sometimes can’t even start remodeling until the floor is installed since it’s often recommended that the floor be installed before painting. Finally, maybe you’re a new home buyer who would like to floor done before you move in, which is often a tight schedule.
In-stock eliminates all uncertainties associated with ordering.

More than a vast inventory and great prices

We know that’s not enough to make us stand out from the others. You’re savvier than ever these days because of the vast amount of online information; you conduct due diligence and know what questions to ask. By the time you walk through the door, you most likely have already decided, and we won’t disappoint.

Too many today minimize the importance of good service. Our sales staff isn’t just about selling products. We understand product design and installation, so we ensure that every process, from measuring to final installation, runs smoothly. With ongoing training, our staff is current on trends, technological advances, and best practices.

You’ll be glad you came into the Floor-Mart store, the largest for in-stock flooring in South West Florida. You’ll walk out with information, inspiration and a free quote. We’re a flooring company located in Cape Coral, Florida, convenient to Cape Coral, FL, LaBelle, FL, Estero, FL, Fort Myers, FL, Fort Myers Beach, FL, North Fort Myers, FL, Sanibel, FL, Naples, FL, Bonita Springs, FL && Punta Gorda, FL.