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What to know about carpet

You’ll be thrilled with your new carpet installation! There's something for everyone and every budget with such a wide assortment of colors, styles, designs, patterns, and textures. To help you choose the right one for you, we offer the following tips.

Prioritize your carpet needs

When you walk into our carpet store in Cape Coral, FL, you will see hundreds of samples and rolls, all from different carpet mills. It’s essential to keep in mind that all rugs have different quality levels, making your needs the deciding factor. Do you require extra durability? Are there kids, senior residents, or pets? What is the room like? The more your flooring pro knows, the better he or she can guide you to the right one.

Understand what determines carpet quality

It is not the face weight of a rug that determines quality; in fact, some can be too heavy for your installation. Look for density, which means how closely fibers are tufted together. A good density number, which should be on the label, is between 3,000 to 5,000. If the rug has a higher pile, such as the frieze or shag, there will also be a twist number, which refers to the number of times a fiber is turned per one-inch length. The higher the number, the less chance of fraying or unraveling; a good twist number is five or above.

Carpet padding offers protection and more

Without it, the rug lies directly on the floor and is prone to damage, and is also uncomfortable on which to walk. It is measured in thickness (⅜ to ½ inches) and weight (three to 10 lbs.). Don’t accept whatever is thrown into the bag but, instead, ask about the best one for your rug. For example, the Carpet & Rug Institute recommends that a Berber be no thicker than ⅜-inch with an eight-pound weight.

Yes, even with allergies and asthma, you can have rugs

Vacuuming removes surface dirt, while the other particles get trapped into fibers where they remain until the rug is deep cleaned. This keeps particles from flying in the air where you can breathe them in. Rugs should be cleaned every 12 to 18 months or as your warranty states.

Our experts at Floor-Mart will help you sort it out so you can find the best carpet for you. Visit our showroom in Cape Coral, Florida, especially if you live in Cape Coral, FL, LaBelle, FL, Estero, FL, Fort Myers, FL, Fort Myers Beach, FL, North Fort Myers, FL, Sanibel, FL, Naples, FL, Bonita Springs, FL || Punta Gorda, FL. Ask about your free carpeting quote.