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Why you should have a professional flooring installation

Even the most seemingly simply flooring installation technique, such as the floating floor, requires skillful attention to detail. For example, suppose the subfloor isn’t leveled correctly. In that case, it will affect the appearance and performance of the surface floor, and you'll end up paying more in the long-term, whether for costly repairs or premature replacement. You might also lose warranty protections because they usually contain clauses with precise installation instructions.

What does a professional installer do?

The subfloor has more impact on the surface floor than most realize and, when not appropriately restored, it creates gaps, squeaks, bumps, and rolls on the surface. Many times, irreparable damage to hardwood is caused by improper subfloor preparation; water and moisture travel up to the surface, resulting in cupping, crowning, and warping. At our flooring company in Cape Coral, FL, installers regularly monitor subfloor humidity. When they install tile, sometimes mesh mats need to be applied to the subfloor to enhance water repellency with a precise and accurate layout. If there’s a mistake, there’s no going back!

They also know when and how to use the various tools, which might seem simple but are not. For example, a power stretcher must be used when the carpet installation covers a large surface. A power stretcher is a long tool with tines at the head; it is used to push the rug against the wall to fit tightly. According to carpet warranties, a knee kicker should only be used for small spaces, such as the closet; If used elsewhere, the warranty will be voided.

Why an in-house installation team is important

Reputation is everything, and when it’s part of the company, it is even more so. That name is on the line; what’s more, there will be clear definitions of who is responsible for what, together with superior communication between the departments. When it’s a subcontractor, it can all be a little vague and confusing to the homeowner. Our staff is trained in many areas, including installation, so they ensure a smooth process from initial purchase to measuring and final installation.

To learn more about a professional flooring installation, we invite homeowners, businesses, and facility managers to come into the Floor-Mart showroom. We’re work in Cape Coral, FL, LaBelle, FL, Estero, FL, Fort Myers, FL, Fort Myers Beach, FL, North Fort Myers, FL, Sanibel, FL, Naples, FL, Bonita Springs, FL, Punta Gorda, FL, and surrounding areas. We will be happy to give you a free flooring installation quote.