Here’s what to know about carpet grooming

Here’s what to know about carpet grooming

Your carpet in Cape Coral, FL, will look sensational if you groom it! That doesn't mean just vacuuming.

It means taking more time with a special rake or brush before vacuuming or steam cleaning.

What carpet grooming does

When you use a carpet brush or rake, a back-and-forth movement resets the fiber nap. The original look is restored.

Think of what your yard looks like after you've raked; that's the same idea.

You'll be shocked at the dust that comes out, even if you vacuum regularly. There are also impossible-to-reach areas when vacuuming the carpet.

For me, it's a couple of corners by my desk; lint and other particles get stuck under the platform. I can move it all out and vacuum it with a carpet brush.

Take care of your carpet to increase its lifespan

Carpets are like anything else: the better you care for them, the longer they last.

Dirt and sand are sharp and frays fibers. That results in wear and tear that eventually shortens the rug's lifespan– and depending on quality and care, rugs can last up to 20 years.

Learn more by talking to the carpet store experts.

This improves indoor air quality

A dirty carpet impedes airflow by the walls! Keeping your carpet clean will mean you'll breathe and sleep better.

Why carpets are the #1 choice

  1. Style: There's a color, design, and construction for every decor and budget.
  2. Noise reduction: There’s enough cushioning to muffle footsteps and beeping devices.
  3. Energy saving: Carpets don't transfer temperature, so an already cold or warm room will stay that way.

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